The Profygate platform enables each corporate member to benefit from group strength, in their respective specialty field. It brings together a network of professionals with an impressive number of clients who each seek and request services and products.

Leverage technology to drive customer engagement and build trusting relationships

  • Messaging is one of the pillars of customer engagement. Provide real-time advice to each client you invited on the platform via a private and secure messaging channel.
  • Publish customized enticing articles in order to maintain the interest of your customers and partners. This keeps your clientele informed and updated on the services offered by your company.
  • Choose a sales prospecting system that lets platform members approach you, get to know you, and choose you as a partner in their team. Sell to the right people.

One of the biggest challenges that small-business owners face is finding new customers and clients. Profygate is one of best ways to maximise your network.

An investment in your online visibility is an investment in your success.

As a corporate member you have a presentation page to describe your skills and services. The page is completed with 4 elements of appreciation from the customers:
client meeting
  • Quantity : number of transactions made on the platform.
  • Quality rating: star rating system
  • Profy units:the number of users who do business with professional clients or collaborators. If you are chosen to be part of a professional team of a client you will receive a Profy unit. If another professional member accepts you as a partner and thus recommends to his clients then you have won another Profy unit.
  • Reviews, votes and comments: client’s impression about the professional after closing a deal.

After each transaction you are rated by the client assigning a 5-star note. The customer may additionally comment on the quality of the services offered to him. The number of votes is given by the number of transactions declared on the platform. The more transactions you make on the platform, the more you will get votes. The evaluation feature reflects the quality of your service thus allowing you to be chosen for your service quality and competence. It makes the ProfyGATE platform an important tool in the hands of customer users choosing who to add to their team of specialists in the relevant fields.

The Profygate Platform
A meeting space between users for a successful experience

Once you set up your profile, you will be able to use the free tools :

  • Agenda & reminders: plan your activities based on your customer’s and partner’s availabilities
  • CRM: stay connected to your client’s and partner’s accounts for smarter scheduling power
  • Storage space: Digitally store documents, messages and notes related to each client and partner in your portfolio
  • Integrated messaging: communicate with each client and partner on a regular basis through a digital channel
  • History: keep track of every document, conversation and transaction
  • Document share: share documents with the professional or partner members of your team
  • Notification: stay up-to-date anywhere and anytime with your account activities by e-mail
  • Network: invite new clients and other professionals on the platform and build a large business network
  • Advertising campaigns: display your offered services and products
  • Teleconference: run productive online meetings with audio or video, individually or in teams
professional meeting

How do I manage my business relationship with my partners ?

From home.

Profygate allows you to work remotely with all your employees.Today more than ever, companies need to adapt to a new business organization concept using remote management technology.The Profygate platform offers such technology to its members, giving them the opportunity to express themselves and present their offer of services.

Choosing to subscribe is choosing to earn a referral income

  • Whenever one of your clients closes a deal with a member
  • Whenever a professional or a corporate accepts your invitation to become a member
  • When you are the reference source for a client who first made a transaction with a professional or corporate member ProfyGATE
  • When a company has accepted your invitation to become a ProfyGATE corporate member
  • Whenever a company accepts your invitation to become a corporate member

ProfyGATE is the first referencing platform on the market that allows its members to earn money for their activity and their connections.

For more details, see the Terms of use

Attractive pricing

The price you pay is not an expense on the contrary is an investment for the success of your business


No referral commission

Unlimited Access

Unlimited Storage


Monthly Subscription
$ 40 / month

Get Referral Commission

Unlimited Access

Unlimited Storage


Yearly Subscription (save 17%)
$ 400 / year

Get Referral Commission

Unlimited Access

Unlimited Storage


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