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ProfyGATE members advantages

If you are looking for professional services, ProfyGATE offers you all the free tools to build a team of professionals on solid foundation.
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Let customers be the ones requesting your services, then connect an unlimited number of clients and business partners to your CRM for free.
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Keep track of all the internal activities in a co-working space. Expand your network by always being connected with your clients and partners.
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Everything You Need in One App

Whether you are a client or a professional, Profygate offers each member a plethora of benefits. Find out what they are and how you can use them to their fullest potential.

Free CRM

Web software for relationship management
  • Dashboard
  • Agenda
  • Connect to Clients
  • Leads register
  • List of Partners

Marketing System

Converting visitors into potential customers
  • Lead Generator
  • Meeting Scheduling
  • Advertising
  • Linked Emails
  • Geo-location

Sales Management

Client access to transaction files
  • Transactions
  • Documents Management
  • Media Sharing
  • Monitoring Activities
  • Forms Designing

Referrals Program

Compensation program for referrals
  • Finder’s fee for inviting a professional
  • Finder’s fee for each transaction you are referral Source
  • Bonus for each deal

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How It Works

Professionals subscribe to Profygate
Professional pays a small monthly fees for being on Profygate. This subscription allows them to be seen by client. Furthermore, professionals pay a small commission fee on every transaction they make. This commission is partially given back to the client and the source.
Client searches for professional services
A client visits Profygate when she needs a service that only a certified professionals offers. The client adds a professional in her team in order to get in touch with the professional. Meetings, messages and file sharing can occure between the client and the professional before a transaction is made.
Transaction and review
Once the client or the professional has declared a transaction on Profygate, the commission fee is charged on the next bill of the professional. As soon as the bill is paid, the client can claims his money. The client only has to review the professional in order to have it in her account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Common and general questions

Can I advertise on Profygate?
Of course. It is very important for us that your client knows what happens with your business. This is why advertizing is included in the professional subscription. The ads you post on Profygate is seen by your clients and your partners' clients.
Do I need to pay to add a new client?
You never pay when you add a new client in your CRM. You can have an unlimited number of clients and your subscription fees stay the same.

Customer relationship management

What do CRM means?
At its simplest definition, a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) application allows businesses to manage information and relationships associated with customer. This is exactly what Profigate provides: an integrated CRM application.
What is a professional team?
Every client can build a professional team. This means a client can add as many professionals in his team as he wants. The client can then share information with them and between them. This allows the client to have control of his information and avoid to repete the same information to different professionals.
Can I access my documents anytime and where are they stored?
Yes you can access your documents from any modern device at any given time. Your documents are securely stored in our redundant servers in Montréal, Qc and they are encrypted to increase security.

Features and rules
Fonctionalities, business rules, exceptions, etc.

Can a professional add a client to his client list?
No. Clients have to choose the professional in his team in order to be added into the professional's client list. The only exception is when a professional invites a client on Profygate and the client accepts the invitation. Only then, the client is automatically added to the professional's client list.
Why would a client like to add me to his professional team?
Profygate gives to clients the opportunity to select a professional based on the quality and value of their services. This eliminate the need for cold calls and solicitations. Everybody wins. Clients can now shop for the right professional and professionals don't spent time on cold calls and solicitations.

Commissions, subscriptions, credit card and deposit

How can I make money when I invite another professional on Profygate?
If a professional invites another professional on Profygate, the value of 25% of the subscription of the guest is transferred to the professional who did the invitation. This means that a professional can be on Profygate for free if has 4 guests and it starts to have income on the fifth guest. The value of 25% of the subscription is only transferred when the guest has paid his subscription.
How do I get paid from Profygate?
If you have a positive balance in your account, you can request a transfer. At the moment, we only support money transfer via Paypal. You will need to create a Paypall account and link it to your bank account in ordre to receive the money in your bank account. Please allow 7 days for the transfer to be available. All your tax information has to be completed in ordre to process the transfer.